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15 Aug


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Avoiding Scams when Purchasing Luxury Art for Your Home

August 15, 2014 | By | No Comments

Before purchasing luxury art for your home or office, you should know that there are plenty of con artists out there looking to make money off of people who are shopping for expensive items. Luxury art is costly enough without having to pay full price for a knock-off or a shoddy copy. The following are some ways to ensure that you don’t get taken advantage of when you are in the market for fine art.

Find out the Item’s History

Many fine art pieces come with a long line of documented holders. The museums and private owners who had the piece before now likely noted that they were the owners of it at some time. Before you purchase a high art item, you should see where it has been. Then you may want to take some time to call up the former owner and see if they sold it to the person who is selling it to you now.

If the seller cannot supply you with contact information, you can do a search on your own. As you are searching, try to determine where reputable sources are placing the item and if it is the actual original that is being sold to you.

Determine the Authenticity

If you are about to pay top price for a piece of luxury art, then it benefits you to find out if you are getting an original. Don’t trust the vendor’s expert either. You should hire someone for yourself who is an acknowledged expert in the field. Have them check it over for you to ensure its authenticity. This will cost you a bit extra, but it will be worth it to make sure you are not being swindled.

Even lesser-known works of art are copied and passed off as the real deal by con artists, so you would do well to check each and every purchase of this type before you make a payment. You might be surprised by how many fakes are floating around out in the marketplace.

Determine the Value

images1Once you have determined that you are being sold a piece of high art and not an expensive facsimile, then you mightway to determine if you are paying an appropriate price for it. This is where your expert will once again come in handy. You might be getting overcharged by the vendor, and you want to be certain that the price you are getting is one that the market agrees upon.

If you were having bathroom renovations done, you wouldn’t want to just accept the first bid you receive. You could be getting subpar work for an exorbitant price. It behooves you to do some research, with bathroom renovations, with fine art, with whatever you are paying for. If you cannot trust the seller, then you have no reason to buy from them.…

15 Jul


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Upkeep for Luxury Art

July 15, 2014 | By | No Comments

Once you’ve made a luxury art purchase, you will wantto protect your investment. Perhaps you want to safeguard a piece of cultural significance for your future generations. Or maybe you just want to maintain an item’s value until it can be sold at a higher price later on. Either way, you will have to perform some upkeep on your luxury item to ensure it stays in premium condition.


Ideally, the item you’ve invested inwill have been professionally appraised before youbought it. But you may want to hire an appraiser of your own before or after the sale. This gives you an unbiased perspective in the item’s true value, and it can give you insight into how to care for it.

Ask the appraiser what the best methods are for maintaining the item’s value and what you can do to ensure that it does not degrade.

Keep the Area Clean

A large part of what causes luxury art to degrade is the kind of condition in which it is kept. If you store it in a closet or other closed in area, you might expect poor circulation, humidity or pests to destroy it over time. But even if you keep it on display, you still need to maintain the area around it.

You will want to vacuum the area regularly. Getting rid of dust particles can go a long way towards ensuring your art stays in pristine conditions. Use Robot vacuum cleaner gently though, and only use brush attachments to clean the area right next to the item.

You should also use lower power settings on the vacuum, if your machine has them. This will help maintain a gentle cleaning process and keep the art from being damaged. This is a good idea even of you are not vacuuming directly on the art.

Maintain the Temperature

As discussed above, the area you store your luxury art in can have a direct effect on its condition over months and years. You want to make certain that there is proper ventilation in the place you have it stored. And you should ensure the humidity levels stay low. Your appraiser should have told you the ideal conditions for the item, and you should do your best to maintain the area per the appraiser’s instructions. You could even buy a case for your art that is temperature controlled. images1This will help ensure its condition over time.

The art you pay good money for can become a sound investment, and it can last you for a long time to come. But you have to take good care of it and follow the guidelines laid down by the experts for its maintenance.…

08 Jul


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The Rise of Luxury Arts

July 8, 2014 | By | No Comments

During the end of the Republic period in Roman history, the country was a world power. It was one of the largest cities in the world, and riches were constantly being funneled into the city.

The rich elite were reaping the profits of their investments and had more money to spend than they knew what to do with. And a large city like Rome had no short supply of talented craftsman. So the wealthy commissioned the craftspeople to construct luxury items for them from their riches. Their gold and silver were turned into busts, jewelry, ornate vases and more.

As each nobleman and businessman saw their rivals decked out in gold and silver, they too wanted this kind of opulence for themselves. Luxury art became almost commonplace, but the lower classes could not afford it. Those without as much wealth fashioned knockoff luxury items for themselves that imitated the form of the luxury art but not the substance.

Once Rome was sacked, the luxury art was stolen and taken to other nations. These barbarian nations created their own luxury art from what they had stolen and spread the idea of extraneous wealth to their own people.

images1 Today, the opulence of luxury art is as much about technology and services as it is about ornate jewelry and decorations. The wealthy are as likely to enjoy chauffeured car rides as they are to be decked out in jewels or gold. And while chauffeured cars are typically reserved for the wealthy, they are sometimes hired out by the less wealthy for single events. In this way, the other “classes” borrow the luxury art for brief moment, but this type of opulence is still the realm of the very rich.

But with some of the most elite technologies and services available to most everyone, it is only the luxury art of exquisite adornments and sculptures that really separates them at a glance.…

24 Jun


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Luxury Art for Everyone

June 24, 2014 | By | No Comments

The most luxurious of art used to be reserved for the nobles and the very rich. Those with money could afford to have the finest things crafted by the finest artisans. But now luxury art is common enough that anyone can enjoy it.

It is no longer relegated to the palaces and political halls of the land. Luxury art in its many forms has become almost commonplace. But that is not to say that it is common.

Luxury art is lifted above the common art by being exquisitely crafted. And yet many of the processes used to make exquisite designs are now so well understood and easy to manufacture that they can be enjoyed by everyone.

If you look at the ornate designs of many picture frames, you would see intricate work that would, in the past, have to be done at great expense. But technological advancements have made these delicate and detailed designs simple to replicate and perform.

And art schooling that was once the realm of those who had great fortunes is now commonplace. Most people can afford a degree in art schooling and can make a career out of creating digital art. That means that murals and wall paintings and such can be rendered faster and cheaper than ever before. There are also more people available who are able to perform these services.

images1Luxury art is no longer a luxury. There are still very expensive forms of art that take great work to create. But these are becoming rarer as technology to create art improves.

The technology does not threaten to replace the artist no more than it threatens to remove the tree service expert from his job. Someone still needs to decide which trees are essential and which ones need to stay, and the tree service companies will always need skilled labor to perform their work. But technology makes these kinds of jobs easier to perform, achieves better results and makes for safer working conditions.…

16 Jun


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A Look at Luxury Gates

June 16, 2014 | By | No Comments

Artisanal design has long been used to beautify building, gates and various other structures. It is artisanal gates and their luxury designs that we will take a moment to look at here though.

Gates are typically a form of security at the end of driveways or at the entranceways to a building. But with an ornate gate, that security can be achieved hand in hand with elegant and pleasing design. Security does not have to be sacrificed in order for a beautiful design to be had on the gate.


Luxury art has often been able to work in tandem with the needs of a building or location to be secure. The most ingenious artists are those who can combine in the two most elegantly. For example, some luxury gates feature ornate designs but work upper spikes into the design. This deters intruders from climbing over the gate and keeps with the theme of the design.

The more imposing luxury gates are crafted with very thick materials. This allows for them to make a statement and become a significant artistic decoration while offering up fantastic security to the owner.

These gates can become a major investment, but they often last for a very long time as well. Those who do spend the money on a luxury gate should ensure that it is as durable as it is beautiful. You don’t want to be distracted by the design and miss out on buying a gate that is actually worth the money. Similarly, you wouldn’t invest in a diet method without looking into whether it will work. The dietary supplement Garcinia is proven to work and to help people lose weight effectively.

You wouldn’t want to purchase a gate that is any less proven. There are plenty of luxury art designers and artisans who are more concerned with style over security. But when you are putting your money into a gate, you want to look for one that offers both to you. Otherwise, you will just end up wasting your investment.…

13 Jun


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Staking Your Claim on Luxurious Art

June 13, 2014 | By | No Comments

f you have considered owning luxurious artwork, you may have found it difficult to acquire that artwork before someone grabs it up. But many of the people out there invested in the industry really know their stuff, and you should understand that you face some fierce competition.

Doing Your Research

Before you go and buy a piece of luxury art, you ought to learn about what you are getting. Not only does it help you appreciate it more, but it will give you a better understanding of its value and where you might acquire similar items should you not be able to get the one you have your eye on.


If you visit art auctions, many of the people there have done their research. They know what they are getting into, and they are often prepared to pay more than the base value for the item. But they also know which items will appreciate in value and which ones are just spiking temporarily. You cannot always predict these things, but some research will go a long way toward helping you make a sound investment.

Prepare for a Fight

If you decide there is a piece of art you have to have-whether it is a painting, sculpture, piece of furniture, et.- then you need to be prepared to compete for its ownership. There are likely going to be people who want it just as badly as you. So set a price in your head that you are comfortable with and make sure you can afford to back it up. If you think it will go up outside your price range, you may want to try to get it before the auction or sale starts up. Talk to the curators and try to get it before others have a chance at it.


Like solar power was pounced on by savvy business people, you have to make your claim before others do. The entrepreneurs who invested in solar power right before it became huge ended up gain the most. They took advantage of a situation that was hard to read.

If you really want a particular piece of art, you are going to have to read the situation and take a chance.  And if you want to act, you could be left with nothing to show.…

05 Jun


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A Look at Luxury Art Apartments and Homes

June 5, 2014 | By | No Comments

For many people, just finding an apartment in their price range is enough for them. They want to make sure the place is comfortable and has the bare necessities. Anything beyond that is just luxury.

But those with a more disposable income are all about finding the luxury in what most people would consider a mundane necessity. Instead of finding a bare bones apartment and decorating it up how you want, what about searching for a place that already has luxury art adorning the walls and the living space?

A New Trend in Living Quarters

If you have the kind of income to spare on extravagance, luxury art apartments might be just down your alley of interest. From the walls to the tiling to the furniture, everything is exquisitely designed and made to work together in a union of artistic splendour.

Many of these places have wood carved entryways and hard wood floors with intricate designs etched into them. They are made to comfortable, but at the same time, they are an exercise in decadence.

The luxury homes are often designed to be appealing both inside and out. While great care is made to choose art pieces that accentuate the structure’s designs, the exterior is considered an important part of the overall canvas as well. Even where the house is situated is deemed important. Many of these locations are built with a great view in mind- perhaps close to rolling mountains or a sandy beach.

The Benefits for a Luxury Art Apartment

Designing your own place to live and filling it up with hand-picked art and decorations can be tedious and time-consuming work. Why bother with all of that when you can have someone else do it for you? And that’s the real appeal to these luxury art apartments. The artistic decisions have been made for you, leaving you to enjoy the fruits of someone else’s labour.

And you’re still welcome to make your own changes to the apartment, but everything is provided if you should decide to just leave it as it is. And if you don’t like the artistic choices that have been made- perhaps the garage doors are too gaudy or the garage doors are not daring enough- you can simply look for another place to live.…